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Town Hall, Gualdo Tadino

Town Hall - Gualdo Tadino

The Town Hall was built after the destruction of the ancient Palace of the Rectors of Arts and Priors, caused the earthquake of 1751.
The original building was probably built around 1246, although the historical sources are scarce and uncertain.

In 1768 the construction of the new building was started thanks to the authorizations allowed during the compulsory administration by Flaviani. The architect Domenico Fontana directed the works on design of the the architect Clemente Orlandi; the following year the palace was finished by the Lombard company which had been awarded the contract.
The council chamber has an interesting decoration with the theme episodes Gualdese and illustrious history of the place characters, such as The Battle of Tagina and the workshop of Matteo da Gualdo. They are works by painters of Gubbio Rodolfo Rossi and Clodomiro Menichetti (1909). The same Menichetti also decorated the original office of the mayor and some rooms of the old hospital.
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