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Ponte Tibetano

Ponte Tibetano

On 23 March, the first and only 'Tibetan' suspension bridge in Umbria was inaugurated in Sellano (PG).

The Tibetan bridge is located in the historic centre of Sellano, between the towns of Foligno and Spoleto, near the old town hall, and can only be reached on foot. The Tibetan bridge is one-way, starting from Sellano.

An engineering work that joins Sellano to the hamlet of Montesanto, it holds the record of being the highest suspension bridge in Europe with a height of 175 m and a length of 517.5 m, 1,023 steps and is uphill, with no less than 68 metres of positive height difference between the two stations.

The bridge has discontinuous treads, i.e. there is a gap between one step and the next. It is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo.

It is an acrobatic route at height over the Vigi river valley, which is carried out harnessed with aids provided by the technical staff who assist with the safety harness.

A magnificent piece of work that can be done safely by everyone: experienced hikers, intrepid young people, but also families and groups of friends.

If you are therefore planning a holiday in Umbria for the Easter period, Sellano and its bridge are an adrenaline-filled stop not to be missed!

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