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The Gorges of the River Nera

The Gorges of the Nera River

The gorges of the River Nera, where nature, culture and history have been meeting for two thousand years in a unique atmosphere, are a worthy continuation of the Valnerina after the Nera river crosses the Terni Valley. 


It’s an interesting bit of territory because of its landscape, naturalistic and historic value.

Particularly inspiring is the path that follows the ex railway bed, running along the Nera river for about 5 kilometres. It’s an itinerary suitable for everyone: lovers of trekking, running, mountain bike and horseback rides, but also canoeing enthusiasts who can follow the River Nera with its artificial marinas created along the river from the area of Funara until the mill in the territory of Nera Montoro.

At the southernmost tip of the Gorges there are remains of the Ancient and strategic Roman harbour and of the shipyard that demonstrate the old navigability of the rivers Tiber and Nera; up on the mountain of St. Croce, you can see the caves, once inhabited by hermits, and the abbey of St. Cassiano and below the remains of the imposing Bridge of Augustus (27 BC).

The Superba Narnia, seal and symbol of the medieval historical atmosphere pervading the whole valley, stands on the other side, lying on a spur of rock of the Mount Maggiore.

The area upstream the ecological oasis of the San Liberato Lake is particularly interesting for ornithological reasons: the rugged rock walls host a vital population of blue rock thrushes also living in Narni’s towers and offer shelter to some species of nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey.

The forests of holm oaks and manna-ashes, in many points almost impenetrable, host a long list of migratory species: from Wood Pigeons, that sometimes stop there for nesting, to Thrushes, Blackbirds, Jays, and to the multitude of other Passerines, that in autumn and spring fly over our peninsula in their long migratory flights. 



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