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The natural beauty of the Amerini Hills
Road bike

ROUTE 19 - The natural beauty of the Amerini Hills

Total ascent
1000 m
51,5 km
From Amelia, crossing the uncontaminated and fascinating hilly landscape that slopes towards the Tiber valley, touching centers such as Penna and Lugnano in Teverina, Giove and Porchiano.
Start Amelia
Arrival Amelia
Distance 51,5 km
Total ascent 1000 m
Difficulty medium
Surface asphalt, gravel
Recommended bike road, hybrid
Places to visit in the area Amelia, Penna in Teverina, Giove, Porchiano.

Route n. 19 starts from the town of Amelia and winds across the pure wild hills, reminiscent of a past age - which should be popular with those cyclists who use bikes other than racers. From the technical point of view, this route is undulating, with two significant climbs, namely the Penna in Teverina and Porchiano hills: albeit not particularly steep, these two climbs are rather long, and as such require a reasonable level of fitness and training.

The starting point is the public gardens in Amelia, just a short distance outside the town walls. From here, ride in the direction of Orte, and you soon begin a pleasant, winding descent down to the town some 13 kilometres further on. At km. 13.5, just before you reach Orte, turn right onto the SP84 in the direction of Penna in Teverina, which takes you through a very bucolic landscape amidst green hills and ancient woods. 

Km. 18 marks the beginning of the 4.5 km climb up to Penna in Teverina. At the top there is a roundabout with a fountain where you can fill up your water bottle before setting off once again, this time in the direction of Giove to your left. The next three kilometres are across a magnificent plateau affording splendid views of the surrounding countryside. At the next junction, bear left in the direction of Giove once again: this medieval town, situated at km. 29 of our route, has preserved its ancient walls and a number of the walls’ towers. After a brief rest and a coffee, it is time to descend down to Attigliano; at the end of the descent (at km.33) turn right onto a gravel road which marks the beginning of the climb up to Porchiano.

The well-maintained gravel road is about 3 kilometres long, after which the road continues to rise in “steps” until you reach Porchiano, having gone across a couple of junctions, situated at km. 42.5 of the route. Ride out of Porchiano, an ancient hilltop village situated in the middle of dense woodland, towards Amelia, and when you get to the junction with the SS205 (km. 44) turn right towards Amelia. The road back to the town is a winding one through the woods, but before going back to the town gardens, you may like to turn left and ride into the walls of the old town centre to visit its many artistic and historical treasures.


Amelia is one of the most important historical towns in Umbria: its massive polygonal walls enclose a considerable number of interesting buildings, including the Cathedral, the Monastery of San Magno, the Church of St. Francis and the Church of St. Augustine, and the small country church of the Madonna delle Cinque Fonti, which legend has it offered shelter to St. Francis on his travels in these parts. Other interesting features include the 15th century Palazzo Nacci, and the 16th century Palazzo Farrattini and Palazzo Petrignani, as well as the Civic Tower symbolising communal independence, and the splendid 18th century theatre. The sounding area is also very beautiful, with gentle hills covered in beech, Mediterranean scrub and meadows. These hills also boast an array of delightful fortified medieval towns, such as Giove, Penna in Teverina and Lugnano in Teverina.