Titolo: Spiano Ponte Romano

Spiano Ponte Romano

The Spiano Roman Bridge is located just outside Sigillo, and was built of huge boulders to carry the ancient Flaminian Road over the Fonturci stream.
It´s a masterpiece of Roman building: some people date it to the second century B.C. and others to the later Augustan age.
Built of huge blocks of cornelian, it measures 32 m in length and 3.25 m in width at the top of the arch. This monument is emblematic of the old Roman “ municipium” of Suillum (governed by the two “duoviri”, together with the “quattuoviri” college of magistrates), as well as symbolizing the ancient and deep-rooted connection between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Sea. The famous staging-post on the Via Flaminia, Helvillum, could be found within the territory of Suillum. From here, a branch road crossed the mountains and led on to Ancona. It remained in use for many centuries, until the beginning of the 1900’s and was known as the “Postiglione” (Postillion).
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