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Perugia Love Film Festival 2024

The tenth edition of Love Film Festival will be held from 27 to 30 June 2024 in Perugia, at Palazzo dei Priori and Nuovo Cinema Melies.
All events are free admission subject to availability. 
The film screenings will be at the Nuovo Cinema Méliès: they will begin on Thursday 27 June with "Maschile plurale" by A. Guida, and continue on 28 June with "Encounter Love" by Chen Fei and "Mimì - Il principe delle tenebre" by B. De Sica, on 29 June with the documentary "Mostruosamente Villaggio" by V. Parisi and the Oscar-nominated film "Eo" by J. Skolimowski, ending on 30 June with "Dante" by Pupi Avati and "La caccia" by M. Bocci.
Some of the meetings, on the other hand, will take place in the Sala dei Notari: on 27 June, Claudia Gerini will be present to present the book "Se chiudo gli occhi. Vita, amori e passioni di una pragmatica sognatrice" (Life, loves and passions of a pragmatic dreamer). On 28 June, it will be Laura Morante's turn to present her book "Brividi Immorali. Racconti e interludi', on the 29th, instead, Paolo Genovese will present 'Il rumore delle cose nuove', and, in closing, on Sunday 30 June, there will be the award ceremony with the winners of the Festival.
For the complete programme HERE
For further information:

website: Perugialovefilmfestival  
Facebook: Perugialovefilmfestival

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