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Park of sculptures in Brufa

The project “Sculptors in Brufa. The Street of Wine and Art” was started in 1987 to create an original and modern artistic experience: the establishment of a real open-air museum. 


Each year, since then, a sculptor has been invited to exhibit his or her artworks along the streets overlooking the vineyards and the small squares of the village, which buys one piece from each artist.


The result, in continual evolution, is an itinerary of contemporary sculptures made by artists of national and international reputation in an harmonious combination of nature, urban and rural landscape as well as contemporary sculpture, stretching along the crest of the hill of Brufa, in the Torgiano district.

The position devoted to the permanent installation of an artwork is identified by the artist, who lives and studies the territory to get to know it in each form, so that sculptures can always be an authentic enrichment of the surrounding environment and, without affecting its key elements, can create a new natural and cultural itinerary.





Displayed Artworks


1987 Massimo Pierucci - Brufa


1988 Marcello Sforna - L’Equilibrista (The Tightrope Walker)

1989 Mario Pizzoni - La Serena di Tuoro (The Serene of Tuoro)

1990 Agapito Miniucchi - Thaun

1991 Giuliano Giuman - Ianuae

1992 Aurelio De Felice- La montanara (The highlander)

1993 Bruno Liberatore - Torri (Towers)

1994 Nino Caruso - La porta di Dioniso (Dioniso’s Door)

1995 Loreno Sguanci - Il grande segno (The big sign)

1996 Umberto Mastroianni - Primavera per Brufa (Spring for Brufa)

1997 Mirta Carroli - Il tempio delle voci  (The temple of voices)

1998 Carlo Lorenzetti - Arc-en-ciel (Arch in the sky)

1999 Joaquin Roca Rey - Sursum corda

2000 Nicola Carrino - Progetto Brufa Costruttivo modulo L (Brufa Building project - Module L)

2001 Giuliano Giuliani - Tronco (Trunk)

2002 Gino Marotta - Grande Alone (Big aura)

2003 Eliseo Mattiacc i- Porta di Castelgrifone (Door of Castelgrifone)

2004 Mauro Staccioli - Brufa 04

2005 Valeriano Trubbiani - Volo frenato (Hampered Flight)

2006 Pietro Cascella - Fontanina (Small fountain)

2007 Teodosio Magnoni - Ara (Altar)

2008 Federico Brook - Le nuvole di Brufa (Clouds of Brufa)

2009 Umberto Corsucci - Vitalità (Vitality)

2010 Ettore Consolazione - Contro tutti i terrorismi  (Against all forms of terrorism)

2011 Beverly Pepper - Broken Circle

2012 Federica Marangoni - Un volo impossibile (An impossible flight)

2013 Marco Mariucci - L’uomo di Brufa (The man of Brufa)

2014 Tito Amodei - Vibrazioni (Vibrations)

2015 Paolo Pasticci - Macina umana (Human millstone)




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