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Paragliding in Umbria

Where paragliding in Umbria and which are the best places for the flight. Enjoy the Umbrian landscape from a privileged point of view. 

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The Umbria ascending streams encouraged over the years the practice of a breathtaking sport: paragliding. In these territories were born several flight schools, to which we advice you to entrust to live an entirely safe experience, also with the children's company. The departure locations can be different, we recommend you to look to the weather forecasts from time to time in order to choose the area you are more interested in and to verify that it is in the best conditions for practicing this sport.

The possible differences in height are different, as well as the breathtaking viewpoints on the Umbrian landscape, with departures starting from different areas of the region. Follows a synthesis of the best ones for practicing paragliding.


Castelluccio di Norcia and Sibillini Mountains: the several departure and landing possibilities are capable of giving a privileged view over the plateau. Flying over it represents a unique emotion for the free flight lovers, especially in the blossoming season that is able to give spectacular shades of color.



The Subasio Mountain: leaving from one of the Subasio slopes that is favorably exposed to winds, you will have the possibility to fly over the exceptional town of Assisi, arriving to glimpse in the distance the Trasimeno Lake and the Apennine mountains. The landing area is expected to be in Rivotorto (Assisi).


 The Pennino Mountain in Colfiorito. The Pennino Mountain is located on the regional border between Umbria and Marche. Here you could fly over the so called Colfiorito "Silence plateau", an important treasure chest of biodiversity.


-The Cucco Mountain: this area boasts very favorable orographic and weather conditions that make departures and landings easy and make this mountain an ideal training field both for beginners and for experts at the maximum level. It's not a case that the Cucco Mountain has been chosen a lot of times as location for important national and international competitions, among which the Worlds Hang-glider Championships. The departure places are located in the Sigillo area.


 Whatever your place for the paragliding flight will be in Umbria, you can be sure that your eyes could admire incredible panoramas. Our advice? When you will be flying think only to relax, tasting the pleasure of sliding in the air, enjoying an entirely yours emotion.