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The XXII edition of the literary review "Isola del Libro Trasimeno" is scheduled from 4 May to 3 October 2024 between Passignano sul Trasimeno, Castel Rigone, Castiglione del Lago, Panicale, Orvieto and Perugia.
A rich programme, characterised by almost thirty literary cafés and meetings with authors, but also by art exhibitions and concerts, which will involve numerous territories and a parterre of very important guests.
In this edition there will be welcome returns, such as Zahi Hawass, General Mori, physicist Ereditato and journalist Fasanella, and new guests such as historian Oliva, the creator of the L'Eroica cycle race, Giancarlo Brocci and Minister Musumeci.
The first two events, scheduled at the medieval Rocca di Passignano, will be meetings with writers Guido Barlozzetti, Saturday 4 May at 4.30 pm, who will present his book 'La meteora. Mario Draghi. L'anomalia di un'immagine', and Roberto Pecchioli, on Sunday 5 May at 4.30 p.m., with his book 'La guerra delle parole. Politically correct, neo-language, culture of erasure'. 
Passignano will also host Alessandro Monti, Giancarlo Brocci, Romano Benini, and Vincenzo Scotti in the piazza or at the rocca. The fortress will also host three personal exhibitions: by Marco Pierini from 1 to 9 August, Luigi Stefano Cannelli from 10 to 31 August, and Giulio Brandelli, from 1 to 22 September. 
At Palazzo della Corgna in Castiglione del Lago will be Alvaro Fiorucci, Luigi Bisignani and Paolo Madron, journalist Mino Lorusso, Carabinieri General Mario Mori and Colonel Giuseppe De Donno, physicist Antonio Ereditato and Luca Beretta. Writer Riccardo Lestini, historian Gianni Oliva, Michele Chierico, Gaetano Mollo, magistrate Edmondo Bruti Liberati, journalist Giovanni Fasanella and Ben Pastor are expected on the Castel Rigone theatre terrace. In Panicale, Giacomo Marinelli Andreoli and Luciano Taborchi. In Orvieto, on 20 July, the internationally renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist Zahi Hawass will present the "latest discoveries". 

For further information and full programme:
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