Infiorate of Spello 2024

Infiorate of Spello 2024

The tradition of creating artistic compositions along the route of the religious procession for Corpus Christi is widespread in many towns in Umbria, but it is in Spello that it has found its greatest expression. Petal after petal, the characteristic mediaeval streets of the town are festively dressed with carpets of flowers.

True works of sacred art made with petals, which you can discover along a route of about 1.5 km.

The flower arrangers work an entire night to create the floral paintings that wind their way through the streets of the historic centre, intended to honour the passage of the Body of Christ, carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning.

The Infiorate are the result of a complex preparation that requires months of patient and skilful work by many people. And, although they last only the time of the procession, they give the satisfaction of having created extraordinary works and the memory of a unique night.

Throughout the year on Mount Subasio and the Apennines, the gathering of flowers and herbs takes place, which intensifies in the spring. Then comes the selection of the petals, jealously preserved, and the chopping of the herbs. On the eve of Corpus Christi, drawings are made on the roads. Then, during the night, millions of petals are laid down to create impressive masterpieces.


In the morning, the streets are covered with a unique polychrome carpet: a spectacle that will overwhelm you with its colours and scents.

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web: InfiorataSpello


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