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The bronze beds of Strozzacapponi

Il Lusso del Sonno (The luxury of sleep)

Until the 31st August 2016, it is possible to visit the exhibition "Il lusso del Sonno - I letti in Bronzo di Strozzacapponi" (The luxury of sleep- the bronze beds of Strozzacapponi) at the Antiquarium of Corciano.

The exhibition is dedicated to the recovery of a highly rare bronze bed and pillow-like artefact, discovered during some archaeological digs in Strozzacapponi in 2008.

Numerous Etruscan tombs were discovered at that time, including a burial chamber known as the "Anei Marcna" or "del letto funebre", considered to be one of the most significant because of the richness of its contents. Inside were eight funerary urns (which were previously exhibited at the Antiquarium in 2010), a wealth of funerary objects and parts of a bronze bed which covered its wooden frame, of which only the fulcra (head board) and various parts of the legs survive.

It was a very important find, because the beauty of the work revealed something more about Etruscan artistic and craft techniques and because of the rarity of the pieces discovered. Subsequent restoration enabled the reconstruction of a bed with a single headboard with a double wooden frame.

All in all, pieces belonging to five funerary beds, produced by the same workshop have been found in the tomb, which is part of the Necropolis situated along the ancient road axis that linked Perugia to Chiusi.

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