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Media Valle Tour - From Cannara to Torgiano cycling through the Bettonese hills

Elevation Gain
429 m
29 km
A route to explore the area rich in scenic beauty of the Umbrian Valley
Departure point Via Assisi 2, Cannara
Arrival point Viale della Rimembranza 3, Torgiano
Distance 29 km
Elevation gain 429 m
Duration 3 hours
Stages Cannara – Bettona – Brufa - Torgiano
Difficulty Medium
Surface Mainly Gravel
Bicycle types Gravel, MTB


We start in Cannara, in the heart of the Valle Umbra, a town famous for its typical onions, and immediately continue along a gentle plain surrounded by geometrically perfect fields.
After passing the fields and vineyards of the valley, the bikers head for the rolling hills of Bettona, for white dirt roads and extraordinary naturalistic views.

Not to be missed is the village of Bettona, one of the most beautiful in Italy, which welcomes cyclists with its picturesque alleys and the scents of its culinary tradition.

An excellent opportunity for a break to eat and admire the surrounding landscape, which stretches out before the cyclist's eyes at 360°.
Resuming pedalling, we take dirt roads towards the village of Brufa.

Brufa is synonymous with peace, nature and well-being.
A village with a history dating back to the ancient Umbrians, it has a strategic position within the Umbrian territory: it represents a watershed between Perugia, Assisi and Foligno. It is located on the top of a hill (291 m a.s.l.) dominating the Middle Tiber Valley and the Umbrian Valley. We recommend a stop at the Brufa Sculpture Park.

Founded in 1987, it has seen nationally and internationally renowned artists create a work for the territory every year. With its more than 30 sculptures, the Park is a hymn to contemporary art. An art that wants, in its simplicity, to connect nature and the city, and from which one can admire the valley below. The last section is mainly on a paved road with little traffic.

It skirts a few country houses, is scenic, and leads to Torgiano, the final stage of the route.