Teatro clitunno di Trevi

Clitunno Theatre - Trevi

The curtain of Domenico Bruschi, the "painter of united Italy"

If you are in Trevi, check the theatre programme and book a performance. You can enjoy the evening in an elegant theatre from the late 19th century, decorated by Domenico Bruschi, one of the Perugian painters who was most active in the area and in various Italian cities during that period.

Of particular beauty is the curtain, created by the same painter, signed and dated 1877. The imposing work represents the Emperor Caligula offering sacrifices to the god Clitunno.

The theatre was built in 1875, under the guidance of architect Domenico Mollaioli, and replaced the decadent theatre inside the town hall.

It was inaugurated in 1877, with a performance of Gaetano Donizetti's ''Maria di Rohan''.

The cultural heart of a village

Amidst ups and downs, the Clitunno Theatre has always been the beating heart of the cultural, recreational and social activities of the village of Trevi.

Today, it is distinguished by the quality of its programming and by the numerous cultural initiatives in which the theatre becomes the place to experience an active and transversal participation in the cultural life of the village. The offer is aimed at different types of spectators and these, in turn, can become protagonists by attending workshops and initiatives to support and promote contemporary regional and national dramaturgy.

For more information on the programming of the shows, visit the Clitunno Theatre's web page, or visit the box office in Piazza del Teatro, Trevi.

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