Chiesa di Sant'Anna - Sigillo

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Via della Repubblica 15 - 06024 Gubbio
It is located on the ancient Flaminia Road, now called the church of the graveyard, and it was built thanks to the people`s alms around the middle of 15th century.
It was the seat of St.Anna´s Confraternity, its brothers were called brothers of St. Anna and often used to meet there under the guidance of a priest.
The municipal graveyard was built nearby in the last century.
It always had only one altar and in 1633 a porch in front of the church with three naves and 6 columns was added, as it can be seen today. Later the porch was closed, so to turn the whole building into a beautiful and great temple.
The ancient Flaminia road used to pass below the right aisle. Many were the masses duties celebrated on the altar, left by pious benefactors.
The feast of the patron saint used to be celebrated there in ancient times.
It still remains a place visited for the most important sacred processions celebrating in Sigillo.
Its maintenance was entrusted to the community of Sigillo and to the confraternity of S.S.Sacrament.
In 1922 the atrium and the façade overlooking the square were restored.