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Castle of Fabro

Castle of Fabro

The castle of Fabro, part of the municipal territory of Fabro, rises up on a panoramic hill (364 metres above sea level) to the east of the Chiani River.

Of fortified matrix, with a characteristic almond shape, it was founded around the year 1000 and restored in the fifteenth century and again in the sixteenth century.

The sixteenth-century design is the work of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger (Florence 1484 - Terni 1564).

The complex, now privately owned, shows a structure still largely intact with powerful and compact walls and large cylindrical tower.
The castle was a feud of the Filippeschi family from its foundation until 1313; it then passed to the Monaldeschi family and in 1488 to Cesario Bandini of Città della Pieve, whose heirs were forced to leave in 1494 due to power struggles with the city of Orvieto.

Later it became a stronghold of great importance for the Papal State.

In the 17th century the town became a municipality with its own Statutes and in 1817 it belonged to the Antinori marquises. Due to the destruction of the municipal archives, kept in the town's Town Hall, most of the historical records of the castle have been lost. 

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