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Le Cascate de Lu Cugnuntu

“Lu Cugnuntu” Waterfalls

Lu Cugnuntu waterfalls, 8 km from Preci, give you a regenerating show of water which plays between limestone walls and it splashes a charge of vitality. But you have to reach the hidden goal among the luxuriant vegetation, equipped with waterproof shoes, helmet and good legs to walk.

By car you can reach the suburb of San Lazzaro in Valloncello, from the small valley name which extends until it unites with the most famous river Nera Valley, the Valnerina.

From here, left your car and passed the first house, turn on the left following the signal “Lu Cugnuntu”. The path opening in the vegetation climbs over the stream and it leads you into the wood, always along the watercourse, which sometimes you have to wade and to be careful not to slip on the wet rocks. 

Gradually, going up the riverbed, often jumping from rock to rock, you will enter in a canyon of straight stony walls, that will lead you into the gorge, broad at the base about three meters, that narrows on the top leaving visible just a piece of the sky.

First you hear the sound, then you’ll see them, sparkling, jumping from about twenty meters high: they are the Lu Cugnuntu waterfalls (from Latin coniunctio, conjunction, given that in this point are joined the Valloncello and Acquastrino ditches), a natural jewel, little known, hidden into the Valnerina’s folds, that you could reach in half an hour walk.

These waterfalls, as indeed the Triponzo and Madonna della Peschiera waters, in distant times, they were thought to be healthy and therapeutic. For this reason in the San Lazzaro village in Valloncello was built a leper colony with the attached church, according to tradition founded by Saint Francis in 1218. It remained active for 400 years.

You can stop in the village, in the journey back, to find in the remains of the church attached at the hospital, what is left of that complex and of that time, provided that the Lu Cugnuntu waterfalls still remain powerful as in the past, wonderful and therapeutic for your soul.


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