Titolo: Casacastalda


Set perched above the Risacco and Rasina valleys, tributaries of the Chiascio river and a river from Gualdo Tadino respectively, Casacastalda owes its existence to a castle built in the 8th century by a Longobard descendant of the Ostrogoth King Totila named Ernero Castaldo (hence the name "Casa del Castaldo").

There is a record of the reconstruction of the castle by Perugians in 1433, when it was given the status of Free Comune. One can still admire the town's ancient coat of arms carved in stone at various points in the old town centre, which includes a tower on a keep graced with the symbol of the Gryphon of Perugia.
Three entrance gates are all that remain of the original structure: Porta Perugina or Porta Sole to the south, Porta del Giglio or Porta Gualdese to the north, and Porta Eugubina looking west. Well worth a visit are the Santa Maria Assunta church from the 10th century, heavily renovated in the 14th century and home to a triptych by Matteo da Gualdo, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Olmo, built in memory of the miracle of the Blessed Virgin (1484) when she appeared in an elm tree, which is still conserved inside the church, to a shepherd girl.


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