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Campo del Sole

Campo del Sole

Campo del Sole in Tuoro sul Trasimeno is an original open-air museum,  rising on Punta Navaccia, an area of great naturalistic interest.

Designed by the famous artist Pietro Cascella, with the collaboration of the sculptor Mauro Berrettini and of the Swiss sculptor Cordelia von den Steinen, has the shape of a big spiral made of 27 columns-sculptures leading to a central table (almost a board) surmounted by a solar symbol.


The sculptures, that are all made in the laboratory of Giulio and Mauro Borgia di Tuoro by Italian and foreign artists, of different generations and research fields, are made of local grey sandstone called “Serena stone”. Each column - sculpture is about 4.5 metres high and has a diameter between 70 and 80 centimetres.

It’s a “place of the memory” that is not connected with any particular event, but that summarizes in itself the historical weight of those places, for then becoming an occasion of meeting, dialogue, daily encounter without walls or barriers, and a landscape reference point too.

The topic of the column ensures to the whole a widespread verticality, that makes Campo del Sole something like a Stonehenge of our time.

In the summer 1985 columns and sculptures have been designed and executed by: Kengiro Azuma, Iginio Baldieri, Mauro Berrettini, Rinaldo Bigi, Pietro Cascella, Adolfo Innocenti, Mauro Staccioli, Joe Tilson, Cordelia von den Steinen; in the summer 1986 by: Anselmo Giardini, Pasquale Liberatore, Luigi Mainolfi, Friedrich Volker Marten, Costantino Nivola, Joshin Ogata, Joaquìn RocaRey, Francesco Somaini, Alì Traoré; between the summer 1988 and the autumn 1989: Nicola Carrino, Aurelio De Felice, Leo Lionni, Idetoshi Nagasawa, Annibale Oste, Giò Pomodoro, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, François Stahly and Valentino Tubbiani; facilities at the entrance of the itinerary have been executed by KuoWei Tu.

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