Playbill Backbone Crossing Ratio

Backbone Crossing Ratio

From May 1 to July 6 it will be possible to take part in the exhibition-installation "Backbone Crossing Ratio" by Robert Gligorov, in the Hall of Stones of the Palazzi Comunali in Todi.
Gligorov's exhibition is a kind of summation of his artistic, life and cultural journey. 
The title refers to the smallest knot observed by quantum physics, randomly generated in the laboratory. Knots have always been a part of Gligorov's artistic research.
Similarly, "Backbone Crossing Ratio" arises from a myriad of possibilities, grasped by Gligorov and proposed to the world; the artist intends to bring together his own experience, as well as formal, installation and scenographic skills, in a composite work, accessed by traversing an initiatory, meditative and rhythmic path, which challenges ancient architecture and, at the same time, tells of his visionary world, to generate a short-circuit between the real and dreamlike worlds.
The project will not end in its own exhibition purpose: the textiles used to put in place the interactive installation "QALAQ," will be donated to two Cooperatives supported by the "Opes Foundation" and repurposed into clothing and accessories produced by artisanal workshops of cooperatives that employ fragile and socially disadvantaged people, with a social purpose and eco-sustainability, with a view to circular economy.

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