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Gubbio's tree

Gubbio's tree

Since 1981 the biggest Christmas tree in the world has been on the slopes of Monte Ingino, overlooking Gubbio and illuminating the town with its splendid colour effects.

Made with more than 700 lights, the tree is more than 750 metres high: its roots are hidden near the city walls and the tree's star reaches the basilica of town's Patron Saint Sant'Ubaldo, at the top of the mountain.

As is tradition, the lighting ceremony will take place on the 7th December and this year, the charity being supported is the international humanitarian organisation "Save the Children".

A bit of trivia: in exchange for a small donation, each of the tree's lights has been adopted and dedicated to whomever the donor wishes.

The tree will remain lit from dusk to late at night, until January, enchanting Gubbio with the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

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