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Trasimeno Lake - On horseback across the Trasimeno lands

On horseback across the Trasimeno lands

On horseback across the Trasimeno lands

“There’s no wasted moment in life if you spend it on horseback”, claimed Winston Churchill who well understood how beneficial a horseback ride could be for the man.


This itinerary wants to offer you an inspiration for a horseback ride that will lead you to admire the Trasimeno Lake from a particular and inspiring viewpoint.


Leave from Romotorio di Pozzuolo, a small hamlet of Castiglione del Lago. Stop to visit the small church of the 17th century devoted to St. Anthony Abbot and called indeed Romitorio. Take the avenue towards Piana and, on your right side, you can’t fail to admire the wonderful view over the Trasimeno Lake. If you are lucky and it’s a particularly clear day you could even admire the peaks of the Mount Tezio.

Go on for another 600 metres and turn along a road downhill located between two small lakes where, according to the season, you can observe birds like ducks and waders. Start to go up the coast and at a certain point on the left you will pass by the Graveyard of Pozzuolo. Now take one of the two narrow streets in front of you (both converge towards a bigger street). Along this street you will find a house that on its right has a street: take it and go along the beautiful tree-lined boulevard. From here the Trasimeno Lake’s waters stand out directly in front of you. You can distinguish clearly the historical centre of Castiglione del Lago.

Once crossed a small bridge, go through the asphalt road and take again a path going between farms that will lead you to the Church of Piana. If you need a break or you want to taste a good sandwich with the typical local cold cuts, stop at the bar next to the church. Thereafter leave again and enjoy the landscape that will appear different according to the season of your visit: in the area there are many nurseries making the colours around you unique and typical of the production cycles. Remount the horse and follow the avenue of Pallareto: this street will lead you, through an area of Mediterranean scrubland, towards fields where it’s highly probable to see some cute roe deers. Follow the big street and you will reach the Locality Scopi where there is a road between farms that will bring you directly to Romitorio di Pozzuolo, your departure point.

To complete this itinerary, you need about 3 hours: don’t miss the occasion to see a magical corner of Umbria from a new perspective!