Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grondici - Panicale

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Piazza Mazzini 10 - 06061 Castiglione del Lago

The Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grondici is located in a really suggestive panoramic position in the vicinity of Tavernelle, an hamlet in the district of Panicale. 

It was built in the 15th century to protect a Madonna painted on a votive shrine that according to the legend would have revived a child.

Suggestive is the origin of the word “grondici”, coming from the word “under-eave” identifying the part of the roof protruding from the external wall of a building, precisely the eave. The medieval theology thought that children dead without having received the baptism should go to the limbo and, consequently, didn’t allow their burial in a religious place. Their parents, therefore, used to bring their moribund children not already baptised to the Sanctuary, in the hope that they could still give some signs of life and receive both the Sacrament of Baptism and a fair burial. If this didn’t happen, the child was buried under the eave (under-eave) of his birthplace; the name of Madonna delle Grondici developed over time from here.

The temple, totally renovated in recent years, was guided by hermits until the beginning of the 20th century. Inside it’s possible to admire “Virgin on the Throne between the Saints Sebastiano and Rocco”, artwork of Gregorio Gregori, the Teutonic (1295), who resided in Castel della Pieve.