Church of St. Sebastian - Panicale

Church of St. Sebastian - Panicale

The church of San Sebastiano was certainly built between the 14th and 15th centuries and was modified to its present form in 1623.

It was adorned with capitals, cornices, two altars and two small choirs.

Inside the church you can see the fresco of The martyrdom of St. Sebastian, by Pietro Perugino.

Outside the Church in the upper left part there are two terracotta panels bearing the dates 1690 and 1725, and it’s possible to find the date 1692 in the external part of the garden.

It’s very difficult to interpret these three dates. It is assumed that the date 1690 refers to the year when Nuns took possession of the building thanks to a legacy from Monsignor Paolo Corsetti to the College of Virgins.

Very probably the date 1725 could refer to another legacy to the College.

The last date, 1692, certainly refers to the building of the surrounding wall at the initiative of the College’s Nuns. 



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