Palazzo dei Priori - Narni

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Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
The Priori Palace is a building rich of magnificent elements that make it one of the most beautiful monuments of the urban architecture: the beautiful portal, the small lodge of the auctioneer and the magnificent lodge attributed to Gattapone, artwork of daring architecture with the nice central sturdy pillar, the beveled external corners and the two strong arcades forming the prospectus, whereas on the centre another octagonal pillar supports the arches of the vaults divided into four transepts.
Traces of inscriptions, frescoes, large windows and emblems are on the walls. You can see the emblem of the Orsini family above the central pillar of the façade. At a certain height the iron rings are the trace of the pillory. In the medieval epoch it housed the urban magistrates. The upper part of the palace is a Renaissance building.
Over the centuries it underwent many changes and it became in 1618 the headquarters of the Scolopian fathers who founded there the student residence and the public school of the town until the second half of 1800. Next to the Priori Palace there is the Civic tower of 1200 overlooking the city and the entire valley. Between the tower and the lodge there is the small lodge of the auctioneer where the public notices were read, according to the tradition St. Bernardino da Siena preached to the people and the first major was proclaimed here on the Narni’s Liberation Day (13 June 1944).
The Palace is located on the eastern side of Priori Square.