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The Gaite Market

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14-24 June 2018 
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From the 14th to the 24th of June the splendid village of Bevagna jumps back in time with "The Gaite Market".

Ten days in which the city immerses itself in the medieval everyday life: the Bevagna inhabitants with the vintage clothes on are going to crowd the streets of the historical center, coming back to live, eat and work exactly as their ancestors.

The workshops of paper producers, waxwork modelers, weavers and mint workers are going to open their doors again to lead you in a unique trip through the medieval art along the four gaite, that are the quarters Bevagna was divided in.

Furthermore, you can re-discover the old handmade traditions, the competitions with the traditional costumes and the almost forgot tastes of the past receipts, thanks to the medieval dishes of the taverns.



The historical re-enactment begins as early as the weekend. Saturday 9 June, starting at 8.30 pm, in the Platea Comunis, the heart of the city will be held the traditional Medieval Banquet: let yourself be involved in the flavors, aromas, music and dances of a bygone era, which returns to life, waiting for the great challenge between the four Gaite of the city.

Do you want to feel even more a part of the party? Why not dress medieval clothes and join the parade of the Podestà?

For further information:

Associazione Mercato delle Gaite

Piazza Filippo Silvestri, 1 - 06031 Bevagna (PG)

0742.361847 - 335.5977629