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Frappe Umbria
Traditional recipes



Typical sweets of Carnival: fried pieces of sweet rolled pastry sprinkled with some honey and packed with powder sugar. 
If you like, you can also add a few drops of Alchermes. 



Make a well in the centre of the flour mixed with yeast, add the eggs, the lemon’s grated skin and a pinch of salt. Add sugar and the butter flakes. Amalgamate all until the dough gets smooth and homogeneous. 
Spread a bit of flour on the pastry board and roll out the dough into a sheet of pastry. Use the pasta cutter to cut some rectangular stripes. At the centre of each stripe make a cut shorter than their length, slide an extremity of the stripe into this cut, pull gently so to create a sort of little knot. 
In the meantime, heat the oil in a pan, when it’s ready dip the frappe in it and brown them for about 5 minutes. Let them drain on blotting paper and once cooled sprinkle them with a bit of Alchermes and honey or icing sugar.