Waters Festival

Waters Festival

Piediluco is going to celebrate again the Summer Solstice with the “Waters Festival”: an event rooted in the archaic popular tradition of decorating boats to pay tribute to the sun, among songs and dances, according to an ancient pagan ritual. 

The setting for the Italian Most Romantic Night (celebrating on the 24th June in the Most Beautiful Italian Villages), will be provided by the ancient suggestion of the Summer Solstice’s Bonfire that will be lighted in the middle of the lake.

A rich historical parade of participants dressed in medieval costumes will start from the village of Piediluco for then reaching the shores of the lake, from where the same archers will throw inflamed arrows that will lighten the sky before reaching the water and give life to the big water bonfire.

The heart of the event will be the inspiring night parade of the Allegorical Boats, on schedule in the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July: the story tells that, since the ancient times, the populations of the lake used to decorate the ritual boats to celebrate the aquatic gods, particularly the God Neptune to which a temple on the shores of the western branch of the basin was devoted. After the Second World War, the rite of the boats parade became an authentic challenge for the most beautiful boat.

Since then, the craft of Piediluco fishermen has become an art that still today fascinates the viewers.

But the Waters Festival is much more: the narrow alleys and the squares of the Medieval village will fill with colours, perfumes, tastes, music and events.

If you are a food lover, don’t miss out on the taste of the traditional Piediluco dish: Carbonaretti, that should be tasted together with an excellent wine of Terni. 

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