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Villalba Park

Villalba Park

The Villalba Park is a wooded area of over 20 ha.

The park is situated at an altitude between 600 and 700 meters and it was designed by the Mountain Communities as park facilities. The area, situated at the edge of the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, inside the vast state-owned forest of Selva di Meana, is remarkable from an environmental point of view.

The Park is included in the ample Interregional Park. The woods of tall trees include species of oak, with some other rarer but important varieties such as maple, ash, beech and chestnut trees. Among the shrubs there are the rare fraxinella.

Just inside the park there are numerous wild orchids, of which more than thirty different species have been recorded. There is also a rich fauna with the presence of ungulates, predominantly wild boar, but also fallow and roe deer, and many birds of prey.

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