The Parrano thermal water

The Parrano thermal water

Located in the western Umbria, Parrano is a small village with a wonderful panoramic view overlooking the Chiani valley until Città della Pieve. 

Immersed in the Umbrian hills, it is an appreciated tourist destination because it has several water sources used in the hydroponic cures.

At the foot of the village there is the Thermal park “Bagno del Diavolo” (Devil’s Bath) that, surrounded by greenery, is the ideal place to have a rest characterized by relaxation and well-being.

Indeed the Torrente Bagno (Bath Stream) has been always known for the presence of thermal water sources (as confirmed by the same toponym of the area “Bagno” - Bath), whose therapeutic qualities have been known since ancient times, for example in the reduction of digestive disturbs or in the treatment of hepatic diseases, as explained also by Andrea Bacci in his “De Thermis” (“About spas” - 1571), where he defines them “Argenteae Aquae Sub Parrano Castro" (“Silvery waters under the Parrano Castro”).

The Parrano thermal water is a bicarbonate, alkaline, earthy and hypothermal water rich in carbon.

At the present state the temperature of 30 degrees, together with the significant productivity of the aquifer, make this carbonate complex one of the most interesting ones in Umbria.

Currently it is just used in the cold season in open-air environments, but it is sometimes used in closed facilities or facilities that can be closed seasonally and for the usual thermal activities (such as mud-therapy, baths, hydro massages or hydroponic cures).

Furthermore the area is characterized by the inspiring gorge called “Tane del Diavolo” (Devil’s Nests), an organized complex of caves of Karst origin.

Parrano, hidden in the greenery of Umbria in a naturalistic context of rare beauty, thanks to its intact and pure water, can only be described as a real “Well-being Village”. 


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