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The Big Journey together - Gubbio

The Big Journey together - Gubbio

From the 13th May the Conad Big Journey Together is taking place in the Italian squares: eight weekends when Italian cities will be animated by two days to spend under the sign of culture, live music, good food and sport. 

The travelling event, that reached its third edition, is also landing in Umbria: on the 10th and 11th June it will be in Gubbio, the splendid Candles Town, and it will have its headquarters in piazza Grande.

The schedule includes a rich series of appointments: concerts, street food, sporting exhibitions, performances and activities for families and kids.

A lot of guests: from Peppe Vessicchio to Lorella Cuccarini, through Gene Gnocchi and Dario Vergassola.

A weekend of celebrations is waiting for you, among sharing and fun, that won’t fail to highlight the main elements of the community, the pillars of development and solidarity, as well as excellencies and critical issues. 

For further information:

On Facebook: @servizioturisticoassociato 

On Twitter: @iat_gubbio

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