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The Amerina Road

Along the Amerina Road, the walking path from Perugia to Rome

The Amerina Road is a very ancient path: indeed it dates back to the third century before Christ, as "stitching" of previous local tracks, that connected Veio with Ameria, the present Amelia (thence the name Amerina). The road crosses the territory of Falisci and touches the towns of Nepi, Falerii, Fescennium (Corchiano), Gallese, Vasanello and Orte. On the north of Amelia it develops along tracks leading towards the medium and high Tiber valley and towards the Adriatic Sea, through the Umbrian territory.

Thanks to the "Foundation for the Light path – Itinerary of the Romea Road, the Bizantine Corridor and the Amerina Road", established in 2005 and located in Amelia, today it's possible to traverse on foot, like the old pilgrims, the section of the ancient Amerina road from Perugia to Rome.


It was indeed restored and signaled the itinerary, with the triple aim of proposing again the value of pilgrimage as means of interior research as well as path of conversion; of rediscovering the cultural importance of the Amerina road; of creating the opportunity for a pleasant and enriching meeting with a territory provided with big human and environmental resources.

The walking distance from Perugia to Rome is around 200 kilometers, divided in eleven stages. The itinerary is marked through red arrows and signs overlying little balls bringing the logo of the Foundation as well as of the Road.

The Amerina Road, as ancient itinerary, has to offer to the pilgrim and to the tourist a highly valuable and inspiring artistic and historical heritage, going from the "tagliate Falische" (walls dating back to the ancient Falisci population) to the early Christian catacombs, until the medieval castles and monasteries.