Playbill Exhibition Rigenera Renew

Rigenera/Renew - Non sono/solo un rifiuto

Until 8 September 2024, it will be possible to visit the exhibition "Rigenera/Renew - I am not/only a waste", at Palazzo Lippi Alessandri in Perugia and the Logge dei Tiratori in Gubbio, where it will be possible to admire a vast gallery of works of art made entirely from waste, to imagine a world where every material is recycled or reused and consumption responds exclusively to the logic of circularity.
The double exhibition, with free admission, allows visitors to experience a selection of over a thousand works created in 25 years by SCART, an artistic platform that transforms industrial waste into works of art with the collaboration of prestigious fine arts academies and other important Italian cultural institutions.
In the evocative setting of Palazzo Lippi Alessandri, statues and paintings are on display, while at the Logge dei Tiratori in Gubbio, mainly animal figures have their place. All rigorously created with waste.
The exhibition will also be promoted by two works positioned outside the perimeter. These are a head of Pinocchio, which is housed in the Perugia Science Museum (POST) and a portrait of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, housed in Palazzo Bonacquisti in Assisi, another museum building owned by the Perugia Foundation.
Inside the hall of Palazzo Lippi Alessandri, visitors are welcomed by the 'Women and Men Business' collection of statues. These are professional figures in dynamic postures, each made of different materials. 
In addition to the counter counter, a collection of large-format portraits can be admired. Through the manipulation and juxtaposition of industrial waste, images of international personalities from sport, culture and political life have been reproduced, including Maradona, Paola Egonu, Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth II, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon and many others. In this way, buttons, old lenses, wire, bottle caps, cellophane, scraps of fabric, and many other materials, have reproduced looks and wrinkles, plays of light and shadow, with the suggestive optical effect typical of Macchiaioli painting. Up close, each face appears confused, almost indistinguishable in the mosaic of different objects that overlap in each portrait. But moving away, magically, every detail falls into place and the eye perceives the portrait in its entirety, sharp and unmistakable.
The exhibition is completed by a series of other statues of athletes in action: a cyclist, a basketball player, a volleyball player and a gymnast.  To reinforce the message of circularity, each work is made from waste typical of that sporting discipline
The animals housed in Gubbio naturally follow the thread of the Franciscan story, proposing reconciliation with the wolf as a metaphor for the broader harmony that man is called to build with Creation around him. More than twenty life-size animals or groups of animals are exhibited in the Loggias. Starting with those most closely linked to the history of the area, such as eagles, foxes and wild boars, and going much further afield, with bears, fish of various species and even a monkey.
In addition, there will be space for the Water Harp, a water-powered sound machine made from tin cans, broom handles, crockery, used guitar strings, circular saw blades and other materials, which challenges visitors in some improvised musical composition.
The opening hours of the exhibition are as follows:
Tue-Fri: 15.30-19.30
Sat-Sun: 11.30am-7.30pm

Free entry

For further information:
website: FondazionePerugia.RigeneraRenew 

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