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Rediscovered flavours: the taste of ancient Umbria

Rediscovered flavours: the taste of ancient Umbria

The first stage of “Rediscovered flavours: the taste of ancient Umbria” is going to take place on 30 June 2017, in the inspiring setting of Corgna Palace in Castiglione del Lago. It is a festival completely focused on the Food History, from ancient Etruscans to the Renaissance epoch. 

Starting from 6.

30 pm there will be: an historical characterisation, focuses and a guided tasting aimed at combining in a wise and innovative way historical contents and gastronomic experiences of the area.

Furthermore all participants will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition on Pablo Picasso entitled “The matter and sign. Ceramics and graphics”, collecting beyond 90 artworks of the artist: three famous series of engravings and etchings, “Le Cocu Magnifique", "Carmen" and "Balzac en bas de casse et Picassos sans majuscule", and one single set of 29 ceramics, where the mark of Picasso is more than ever evident and recognizable.

After Etruscans, it will be the turn of the rediscovered flavours of Sabines and Umbrians, with other appointments starting from October 2017, that will be later replicated in 2018 in Castiglione del Lago, Spoleto and Gubbio, with the same formula. 

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