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Perugino is Fontignano

From 4 March 4 to 14 Oct. 2023 the town of Fontignano, custodian of the tomb of the Divine Painter, has scheduled major events with prominent personalities in the artistic and cultural scene to observe the 500th anniversary of Perugino’s death.

It starts on Saturday 4 March, in Piazza Pietro Vannucci with a concert by the Carabinieri Fanfare, which will be followed by an event with chef Giovanni Pedercini on ancient bread recipes from the Renaissance period.

On Saturday 15 April, there will be a lecture Il Perugino nella biografia del Vasari (Perugino in Vasari’s biography), given by Emidio De Albentis, former director of the Pietro Vannucci Accademia di Bella Arti in Perugia, followed by a concert by the Mugnano Philharmonic.

On Saturday, 6 May, the conference Perugino nel contado: un progetto invenire per un territorio da riscoprire, with art historian Elvio Lunghi will be held, followed by a concert by the Umbria Ensemble In Ascolto del Divin Pittore.

On Saturday, 3 June, there will be a presentation of the book La giovinezza del Perugino e la scuola umbra, edited by Francesco Dufour, Fabrizio Fabbri editore, with a talk by Andrea Baffoni, art historian, on the theme Pietro Perugino e l’abate Broussolle: dal primitivismo della forma alla modernità del paesaggio, to be followed by a concert by the Ensemble Musica Harmonica.

Plus there will be exhibitions, historical re-enactments, concerts and meetings.


For the full program clickFor the full program click HERE

During the celebration period, the Church of the Annunziata will be open to allow visits to the Maestro’s tomb, from 10 a.m. to noon and 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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