Easter along the Trasimeno

Easter along the Trasimeno

Città della Pieve

Double appointment for Easter in Città della Pieve: from the 15th to the 17th April the Market Exhibition of the Typical Agricultural, Food and Handicraft Products is going to be set up in the historical center, whereas on the 16th and 17th April, the "Living Pictures" with about 40 figures performing scenes focusing on the themes of Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ are going on stage in the inspiring dungeons of Orca Palace. 

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Many free tastings of typical Easter's specialties are going to wait for you in Panicale, on the Easter's Monday: the cheesecake stuffed with capocollo, chocolate eggs and red wine.

The day will be enriched by the traditional "Cheese Game", that has very ancient origins: cheeses will be thrown along the "Wide Pit" running along the Panicale's walls.


Religious and Traditional Processions in the Trasimeno's area


Solemn Procession of the Dead Christ - 14th April

The departure will be St.Michael Archangel's Collegiate Church and the monumental wooden sculpture of the 16th - 17th century's Dead Christ will be brought in the procession.  The three trunks that are almost 6 metres high start in front of the procession, each one brought by only a person and represent the three historical confraternities of Panicale: the Confraternity of the Whip or Flagellants, the S.S. Sacrament's Confraternity and the Death's Confraternity.

The procession is going to cross the village's historical center and is coming back to the Collegiate Church.



"Ecce Homo" Procession  - 13th April

The procession, unique in its kind in the area, is called of the Ecce Homo, because focuses on the wooden simulacrum of Jesus, whose iconography recalls the Christ presented to the Hebrews after the flagellation ordered by the Roman Proconsul Ponzio Pilato, that is covered with a scarlet tunic, the tied hands, the head crowned with with thorns and bloodstained.

All the village will be inspiringly lit by torches and thousands of multicoloured memory lights. The parade will be opened by the members of the Death's Confraternity, wearing a black hood, one of whom is bringing on his shoulder the trunk, a big black cross high more than three metres: the Sacrament Confraternity's members follow, with a white hood and red pellegrina, four of whom take turns to carry the statue, whereas other six of them carry the canopy.


Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Holy Friday's Procession - 14th April

Procession with the traditional lighting of a big and spectacular fire in the underlying sandstone quarry and return to the S.M. Magdalene Church. During the procession, the Crucifixion of Jesus will be recalled at the Tuoro's Cross Park. 

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