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Orvieto is going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Orvieto is going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The well of St. Patrick in Orvieto, after its debut last year in the Global Greening (the international event promoted by Irish Tourism), will also participate this year in the 9th edition of the celebratory event of St. Patrick’s Day – on Saturday 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day).

The calendar of appointments is rich: it will start with a study meeting at the prestigious hall of the Emilio Greco Museum in the MODO, that will see the participation of important scholars but also science communicators such as Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, Franco Cardini, and additionally Giovanni Paolo Maggioni, Paolo Taviani and Roberto Tinti.

Later there will be three different original and inspiring performances: the concert of Celtic Harp by Vincenzo Zitello within the Well of St. Patrick, the show of Global Greening that will illuminate with green light in honour of the patron Saint of Ireland in conjunction with hundreds of cities throughout the world and in closing the Mancinelli Theatre is going to host the surprise of an “Irish Night” with Gens d’Ys by Umberto Crespi and the special participation of Vincenzo Zitello’s Harp. Before the performance, the theatre’s foyer is going to welcome the festive toast and the excellencies of the Orvieto Land’s producers that will be offered to the public of this really unique event.

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