Middle Ages' Festival

Middle Ages' Festival

The third edition of the Middle Ages' Festival is taking place in Gubbio from September 27 to October 1st . Five days will be devoted to the Middle Ages. It will be a unique cultural event where some of the most qualified Italian and European authors will narrate the ten centuries of history ranging from the Roman Empire fall to the discovery of America.


There will be a lot of initiatives for enthusiasts: meetings with scholars and writers (Alessandro Barbero,  Jacques Dalarun, Chiara Frugoni, Jean Claude Maire Vigueur, Attilio Bartoli Langeli, Francesca Roversi Monaco, Alessandro Vanoli, Ian Wood  are just some of the previous years' protagonists), focuses on places and characters of the medieval Gubbio, as well as on traditions and flavours of the past, inventions, chronicles and myths of the time.

The Festival will be enriched by several side events, among which there will be some fixed appointments: the "Medieval Book's Fair", the "Workshops and Trades", the "Web Roundtable" (devoted to specialized Medieval sites), the "Medieval Market" (where purchases, among gastronomy and craft, are paid with "quattrini" and "eugubini" that must be withdrawn at the medieval exchange counter) and also exhibitions, reenactments, movies, concerts, performances, role-play games and guided visits.

It's a  journey across history, legends and magic in one of the most beautiful Italian cities. 

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