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Lux - Creative Inspiration

Lux - Creative Inspiration

Inspiration sparks new ideas, develops creativity, digs inner ways and brings towards never travelled streets. 

It enables the creation of high goals, enhances innovation and produces artistic, human, economic and social value.

The Fra Giovanni da Pian di Carpine Choral devotes its LUX event to this incredible force: creative inspiration.

Ordinary people, professionals and local artists will involve the public through comprehensive performances, result of their experience, passion as well as professional or artistic life.

It’s a journey starting from an idea, an inner need or an emotional inclination, that materialises in art, social topics, science, entrepreneurship and music. A choir of 50 elements will provide the setting and focus of the event, thanks to the participation of the Omphalos Voice of Perugia together with the Fra’  Giovanni da Pian di Carpine Choral. 

Guests of the evening

Caterina Fiocchetti: Actress

Sara Sposini: Artist and businesswoman

Riccardo Lollini: Physicist and researcher

Fulvia Di Carlo: Psychologist and musician

Barbara Bracci: Poet and teacher

Tolulope O. Olajide: Inter-cultural Mediator

Damiana Pinti: Opera singer and teacher

Riccardo Strappaghetti: LGBTI Activist

Artists and collaborators

Solo voices: Federica Agostinelli, Letizia Pellegrino, Roberta Panicale, Teo Tiburzi

Piano: Giuseppe D'Angelo

Percussions: Fabrizio D'Antonio

Lights and Audio: Massimiliano Momaroni

Music support: Lorenzo Lavoratori


Presenter: Giulio Mariotti

Director: Sergio Briziarelli

10th June, at 9 pm, St. Agostino di Città della Pieve Auditorium

Single ticket: 10 € 

Information and bookings: from 1 to 8 pm at the following phone number: +39 347 107 4245

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