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Journey in the heaver of the Sybil

Journey in the heaven of the Sybil

From 30th June to 2nd July three days of trekking from Castelsantangelo sul Nera to the plains of Castelluccio di Norcia, to rediscover the beauties of these territories and support the local communities heavily damaged by the earthquakes of last year: an extraordinary journey in the heaven of Sybil.


It will be possible to photograph the flowering plains of Castelluccio di Norcia with the support of the expert photographers Giovanni Galardini and Luca Petrucci, to get to know closely the geology of landscape and the recent mutations until reaching the fault the Vettore mountain accompanied by the seismologist Francesco Brozzetti, to learn from clouds and fogs to understand the dynamics of atmospheric phenomena, through the explanations of the Umbriameteo expert Massimiliano Squadroni: all that will be organized with the collaboration of the hiking guide Roberto Canali of the La Mulattiera cooperative in Norcia and the music of the Fancelli Quartet.

These three days will be marked by the adventure of rediscovering the Sibillini mountains and it will be a unique occasion to relive the Big Plain of Castelluccio di Norcia during the flowering, but in an informed way through observation, knowledge and narration. 


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