Parcs naturels et parcs à thème

Itineraries in Valnerina

Find the nature break you needed in this evocative journey into Umbria's woods

A wonderful area, full of natural beauty and local flavours and traditions: today we will give you plenty of reasons to discover Valnerina, a spectacularly scenic green valley crossed by the river Nera.

This is a landscape dotted with medieval fortresses, lonely abbeys and hermitages abandoned by both people and time. But this is also a place where you will able to taste food specialties of the highest quality, produced in this area for centuries, such as prosciutto of Norcia, black truffles, emmer (farro), lentils, or goat cheeses.

If you like discovering new places by bike or by foot, mount Fionchi is an ideal destination. This high mountain, sometimes visible even from Perugia, is a favourite pasture for wild cows and horses. It appears almost like a scene from a painting.

Usually, the itinerary for the mountain starts from Mezzanello, near Ancaiano, and leads to grassy clearings that are ideal for picnics and relaxing in the open air. The sentiero Francescano (Franciscan path) also passes near here from Assisi and towards Greccio, making it also possible to go on a more spiritual kind of journey.

Mount Civitella, instead, is located in the comune of Scheggino and is part of the Coscerno-Aspra ensemble which is made out of various peaks including mount Eremita and the so-called Quota 1546 (‘Height 1546'). As well as through the Val Casana valley, which connects up with the town of Gavelli and with forca della Spina, it is also possible to walk through the Melette plateau, a wide expanse which used to be used by the local inhabitants as an agricultural reservoir for things such as hay, forage, and fruit trees.

Also worth seeing are the muraglie, rocky cliffs which may remind one of the balze present in other regions. Open grasslands, fragrant flowerbeds, and much more: the landscape you will find is assured to delight your senses.