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Francis Courtyard

Francis Courtyard

The Francis Courtyard now reached its third edition: from the 14th to the 17th September, in Assisi, representatives of the culture, politics and journalism are going to discuss the main topic of this year, namely the “Walking” in several respects.


There will be four days of meetings, conferences and workshops with figures of the civil society, of politics and art but also many men and women ready to listen and communicate with each other: Antoine Audo, Stefano Boeri, Enzo Bianchi, Massimo Cacciari, Luciano Canfora, Lucio Caracciolo, Andrea Iacomini, Vito Mancuso, Romano Prodi and Antonio Tajani are just some of the expected guests.

The 2017 Francis Courtyard is going to develop in a series of meetings during the year that will outline the way leading to the September event. 

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