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Alberto Burri Centennial

Tracing the steps of Alberto Burri's artistic career, on the centennial of his birth

2015 will be a year rich in events for lovers of contemporary art who come to Umbria, be it for vacation or to experience the cultural and artistic traditions of this Green Heart of Italy.

There will be a series of initiatives to celebrate the Centennial of the birth of Alberto Burri, an artist from Città di Castello and among the most influential and esteemed in the international contemporary art world. Alberto Burri had a fascinating life. As a military doctor he was taken prisoner by the Allied forces in Tunisia in 1943 and sent to the prisoner-of-war camp in Hereford, Texas. During his imprisonment he began to paint and when he returned to Italy, in 1946, he settled in Rome and devoted himself to this craft.

In Città di Castello two exhibition spaces are home to a significant part of his artistic production: the historical Palazzo Albizzini where the artist personally organised the exhibition of works he had donated to the city, and the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, a recently renovated tobacco plant which provides a striking showcase for his work. In the city of Spoleto, at the Palazzo Collicola, you can see a number of pieces by Burri: a few of his famous ‘black' works and seven cellotex pieces from the collection of the Palazzo Albizzini Foundation. Keep these names in mind: they may serve as guidelines for your itinerary.

If you have never been to these places, this is a perfect time to come and discover the work of this artist. Or, if you have already been here and are familiar with the art cities of Umbria, you can take part in the numerous events planned for this celebratory year, some of which have recently been presented on the international art scene: from the Guggenheim Museum of New York, to the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels, Milan and the Grande Cretto di Gibellina, in Sicily.

When travelling through northern Umbria and its surrounding areas, you can also learn more about the region's artistic heritage, enjoying the art of Piero della Francesca and Luca Signorelli, both famous compatriots of Burri, who although separated by time, offer a unique view of local art and will change the way you see what is around you.