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I venerdì al museo

Fridays at the museum

Four appointments dedicated to the past, as well as the town's history: they are "Fridays at the museum" at the National Archaeological Museum of Spoleto.

Beginning on the 26th February with "Spoleto: the shape of the ancient town" with Liliana Costamagna, then continuing on the 18th March with an event with Nicola Bruni and Joachim Weidig "Piazza d'Armi: the princely necropolis".

On the 15th April, it is the turn of Maria Laura Manca with "Cortaccione: the monumental tomb" concluding on the 27th May with Stefano Creatore (Società Kronos) and "Spoleto: the town's defensive walls" with a final guided visit.

The museum, located in the former monastery of Sant'Agata, was built at the end of the XIV century in the area near Spoleto's Roman theatre.

On the first floor are artefacts from the town centre and the surrounding area which reveal the oldest periods of the town, from the Bronze Age to Roman times. On the second floor, instead, the finds from the Valnerina which, in ancient times, had a close relationship with Spoleto, are kept.

On the ground floor is the section dedicated to the Roman theatre, which introduces what is left of the monument, discovered over the 19th and 20th centuries.

All of the events will begin 16.30

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