Extinction – Before and after the disappearance of Dinosaurs

Extinction – Before and after the disappearance of Dinosaurs

66 million years ago a meteorite big like a mountain crashed down on the Earth and triggered a series of catastrophic events that destroyed the 75% of life forms. The gigantic avian dinosaurs who dominated the Mesozoic era and represented true icons of the Prehistory, such as the tyrannosaur and the triceratops, disappeared forever too. 

The rocky layers of the Bottaccione Gorge, in Gubbio, contain the history of this dramatic mass extinction, the most famous one among those that marked the geological time: an emblematic history that offers us the opportunity to address a burning topic in the scientific debate.


Through spectacular life-size models, fossils, casts and multimedia contents the exhibition “Extinction” tells the History of Life on Earth by focusing on the topic of big extinctions.

A wide space is given to the species discovered in Italy, to researches carried out in our Country and to the “behind the scenes”, namely the job of the palaeontologist and the paleo-artist who brings back to life the rulers of a lost world, among old bones and new technologies. 

The itinerary is completed by a section on the timeless charm of dinosaurs as icons of the collective imaginary and absolute protagonists of the Pop Culture. 



Entrance fees

Full (adults and not included in the following categories): 10 €.

Reduced (over 65, minor children between 4 and 18 years old, students, service partners): € 6.

Free (children under 4 years; disabled and their first accompanying person).

Family ticket: reduced € 6 for each family member. 



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