Easter in Orvieto

Easter in Orvieto


Orvieto begins its Easter celebrations with the "Via Crucis" on Good Friday. This torch-lit religious procession goes from the church of San Giovenale, to the church of Sant'Andrea and is particularly evocative.

Every year, the "town on the crag", hosts the "Rassegna delle Pizze di Pasqua" ("Pizze di Pasqua" Fair): a public competition dedicated to one of the most famous Umbrian traditional products, the "pizza" or "torta di Pasqua". This baking competition gives awards for "The best savoury "pizza di Pasqua" in the Orvieto area" as well as for "The best sweet "pizza di Pasqua" with both "professional" and "amateur" sections.

The Jury will meet in public, on 28th March, at 10.00 am, to announce the winner (to be confirmed).


Calendar of Easter Celebrations

20th March

11.00, Piazza Duomo: Procession of the Palms followed by Mass in the Duomo celebrated by the Bishop


23rd March

17.00, Duomo: Chrism Mass, with consecration of holy oils, celebrated by the Bishop


24th March

18.00, Duomo: Coena Domini Mass, celebrated by the Bishop


25th March


00, Duomo: Deposition of the Cross, Liturgy of Good Friday

21.00: Via Crucis from S. Giovenale to S. Andrea


26th March

22.00, Duomo: Solemn Easter Vigil, celebrated by the Bishop


27th March

9.00 and 11.30, Duomo: Easter Mass

17.30: Vespers and Mass, celebrated by the Bishop


28th March

11.30, Duomo: Mass and Blessings

Info: Opera del Duomo Tel. 0763.342477


Baschi (Civitella del Lago)

From the 27th March until the 1st May, the small medieval village will be organising the "Mostra Concorso Nazionale Ovo Pinto" (National Egg Painting Competition and Exhibition).

From the 27th March 2016 you will be able to sign up for the 2016 edition of the competition, which involves the decorating of egg shells   from various animal species using astonishing painting techniques. The best creations will be awarded prizes and the painted eggs will then be put on permanent display at the Museo dell'Ovo (Egg Museum), together with the others decorated over the years.

For more information: http://www.ovopinto.it/


Traditional Good Friday religious processions in the Orvieto area.


Castel Viscardo

Historical re-enactment of the Passion of Christ: sixty participants wearing period costumes will be parading through the town's torch-lit streets (to be confirmed).


Fabro, village of Carnaiola          

Traditional "Via Crucis" in the village streets, with about forty participants wearing period costumes, with re-enactment of the Crucifixion (to be confirmed).



Good Friday Procession of the Cross: the procession will leave from the church of Santa Maria Vecchia and cross the historic town centre (to be confirmed).

From the 24th to the 27th March – Holy Week religious rituals  



"Historical re-enactment of the Passion and the Death of Christ": in the charming setting of the village which has been decorated and torch-lit for the occasion, there will be a procession with about 150 participants who will be staging with music and special lighting, quadri viventi- tableau vivants depicting the Passion and Death of Christ.


Montegabbione, Church of S. Maria Assunta

Historical-religious re-enactment of the Passion of Christ and Good Friday procession.



Traditional procession of the Dead Christ, with an illuminated cross and black and white "tronchi", carried by the Confraternities who are wearing black and white robes.

The faithful follow the procession carrying lit torches, accompanied by music performed by the town band.


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