Easter in Gubbio

Easter in Gubbio


The Procession of the Dead Christ takes place on Good Friday in Gubbio: organised by the "Confraternita di Santa Croce della Foce", it is a symbolic representation of the Passion of Christ. The procession is opened by some confreres wearing robes and hoods who play the "battistrangole" (a type of clapper), whilst others carry skulls symbolising Golgotha and symbols of the Passion. They are followed by the figures of the Dead Christ and of Our Lady of Sorrows and, behind them, are the cantors of the "Miserere".

The procession, which departs from the Church of Santa Croce, travels along the town's main streets.

For more information: http://www.comune.gubbio.pg.



Fossato di Vico

Fossato di Vico commemorates Good Friday with a historical procession which leaves from the fourteenth-century Church of San Benedetto and leads to the Castello. Along the route, the episodes of the Passion of Christ (the Last Supper, trial, the way to Calvary, Crucifixion and Deposition) are represented in the most atmospheric and picturesque corners of the historic town centre.


Gualdo Tadino

The historical Good Friday procession of Gualdo Tadino, re-enacts the  Passion of Jesus according to the medieval tradition, handed down by the "Confraternita di Santa Maria dei Raccomandati", whose members wore distinctive white hooded robes.

The procession leaves from the Church of San Francesco, where the figure of the Dead Christ is found, and proceeds through the town's streets, recounting the drama of the Passion in the most significant episodes of the Via Crucis.

For more information: http://www.venerdisantogualdotadino.it/



After the Holy representation of the Passion, the trial of Christ and Flagellation on Maundy Thursday, the Easter celebrations continue with the Good Friday historical procession which goes through the town, retracing the Way to Calvary.


Valfabbrica – Fraz. Casacastalda

Good Friday Procession

Representation of the arrest of Jesus in the olive grove, his trial, flagellation and crucifixion.


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