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Christmas in Perugia

Christmas in Perugia

Perugia will dress up all over the Christmas time: in December and January music, lights and color will invade the Umbrian main town and its territory. 

Artistic and living cribs 


  • Braccio Fortebraccio's Lodges - Piazza IV Novembre
    The big square's crib
    Inauguration on the 10th December at 6 pm 
  • Saint Ring's Chapel – Saint Lawrence Cathedral
    Cathedral's crib
    From 8 December 2016 to 6 January 2017
  • Saint Antony district and Porta Pesa
    The cribs' streets
    From 8 December 2016 to 6 January 2017
    For information:
  • Saint Dominic's Basilica – Piazza Giordano Bruno
    Living crib
    25, 26 December 2016 – 1 and 6 January 2017
    Scenes are performed in the Basilica's underground areas. 
  • Collestrada, Perugia district
    Exhibition of Cribs from all over Italy
    From 8 December 2016 to 8 January 2017


  • Corciano's crib:  The inspiring monumental crib has taken place for 33 years along the historical center's alleys, small squares and corners. The scenes of the many characters on a man scale, with hands and heads of earthenware and medieval clothes, give to the village such an enchanting atmosphere that the visitor almost seems to perceive voices and noises of the market, as well as of artisans and animals.
Each year the crib, renewed by the groups of volunteers of the Saint Maria Assunta's Parish who take care of its design, scenic system and setting, concerns a different current theme, useful to admire and to reflect: the 2016 will be devoted to "Mercy's Works". 
From 10 December 2016 to 8 January 2017
  • Museum Church of Saint Antonio Abate 
    The moving crib
    10-11 December 2016 and from 15 December 2016 to 8 January 2017
  • Deruta

    • Museum rooms of the 16th century Grazia ancient furnace
      Fifth edition of the "Guastaveglie Antonio" National Exhibition of Memorial Cribs" 
      From 23 December 2016 to 6 January 2017
    • Piazza dei Consoli
      Artistic crib
      From 23 December 2016 to 6 January 2017

    Christmas markets


    • Rocca Paolina
      "Natale at the Stronghold": the market exhibition of quality craft products, artistic crafts, creativity, experimentation and recycling. 
      From 8 December 2016 to 8 January 2017 – closed on 25th December 
      Time: 10 am – 8 pm; on 1st January from 6 pm

    Other events


    • 2016 Perugia Santa Claus Run "Searching for the lost reindeer"
      Monteluce's District
      11 December 2016
      Time: departure at 9 am 
      For information:
    • It's Christmas in Priori
      Perugia's historical center, different places 
      11 December 2016, starting from 3 pm 
    • Christmas Concert. Perugia's singers 
      Saint Filippo Neri's Church, Priori Street
      16 December 2016 at 4.30 pm 
    • Christmas Concert
      Priori Palace's Notari Hall, Piazza IV Novembre 
      16 December 2016 at 9 pm


    • Kids' Christmas: in December the wonderful medieval village will turn into a magic Christmas place for adults and kids
      10-11 December 2016


    • Preparation of a 12 meters-high tree, entirely covered with ceramics: The trunk is entirely covered with ceramics' cylinders painted by Ceramist Artists from Deruta, as well as decorated with over 400 ceramics' balls. 
      Piazza dei Consoli
      From 23 December 2016 to 06 January 2017


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    Editors are exonerated from any responsibility concerning changes occurring at the present program. 

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