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Christmas in Amelia

Christmas in Amelia

All over the Christmas holidays period, Amelia and its district will plunge into the Christmas magic atmosphere: markets, performances, exhibitions, concerts, living cribs and gastronomic events are waiting for you for almost a month of appointments and initiatives throughout the area. 

Artistic and living cribs


  • Cathedral
    Permanent artistic crib: The Crib, that is an interesting reproduction of Palestina's settings at the Christ's epoch, was made by Doctor Chiappafreddo Carlo (1914-1967) and is located inside the Cathedral. The crib's central view can be found in a big cave framed by stalactites and a particular opening among rocks where you can admire the sky. The Nativity's Cave is located on the right side next to the cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and the Tiberiade's lake. Through variations of light, the sunrise turns into the full daylight and the sunset into the deep night.
    Times: open all over the year from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4 to 6.30 pm
    For information: mobile number  +39 3394576033.
  • SS. Annunziata Convent in Montenero (Amelia)
    Permanent artistic crib: It's an artwork by the Spanish artist Juan Maria Oliva. The Crib is made of inspiring scenes and dioramas inspired by nativity. The scene is composed of a big central opening and two lateral ones; the Holy Cave is located on the left side, sided by a big natural holm oak that frames preciously the entire building. At the center, the waterfall with five jumps is like an invitation towards the Palestina panorama, where you can find representations of the Gerico's Lake, the Giordano's river, Gerico, Galilea's Cana and Jerusalem. Finally, at the end, there is a building and a Belem's alley. A lights' game allows the visitors to move from daylight to the deep starry night. On the night sky the moon, the comets' trajectory and the slow Angel's passage catch the visitors' attention. The adjacent halls, through several dioramas, represent Christ's life, from his Annunciation until his deposition in the Holy Sepulcher. Inside the Convent, it will also be possible to visit the planetary and under its wide dome you can admire the celestial vault with the most famous constellations of the Boreal and Austral hemispheres.
    Times: : open all over the year from 9 am to 7 pm
    For information: number +39 0744970010.

  • Fornole, Amelia
    "A crib along the street": Preparation of open-air cribs along the village's streets with the citizens' participation. Contest and final prize.
    For information: Fornole Proloco mobile number +39 398224517.
  • Sambucetole, Amelia
    Living crib: representation of the Living Cribs and Three Kings' adoration (date to confirm) together with: Switching on of Christmas illuminations with ceremony (Nativity in the old fountain, Christmas Tree, Star with Angels on the Bell Tower); Fifth edition of the "Cribs competition" prepared at the places of village's families. 



    • Historical center
      "Cribs along the streets": citizens prepare several artistic cribs along the streets of the historical center, in the gardens and in the most inspiring spots. At the same time, there will be the Christmas market and tastings of typical products. Every week it will be possible to taste the local Christmas products in the different districts and areas.
      For information: Municipality and Guardea Proloco -


    Lugnano in Teverina

    • Historical center
      "Representation of the living crib" at midnight - the Solemn Christmas Mass in the Collegiate Church was born in 1978 thanks to the young Lugnano inhabitants. It is one of the most remarkable events for its inspiring and detailed representation of Christ's birth and of life scenes of that epoch in the inspiring village's setting. At the beginning, the Crib was made of four scenes: the Patriarchal House, the Carpenter, the Shepherd's camp and the Hut. During the years, many other scenes concerning everyday life scenes and craft activities have been added. Today it counts around 25 scenes, with a hundred of people in costumes. The crib's entrance is free. Within it, however, you can find a tasting itinerary of local typical products that can be made thanks to a coin change at the crib's entrance, addressing the roman soldiers. Along the path, it will be possible to taste bruschetta with novel oil.
      Time: from 10 to 12 pm
      For information:



    • Historical center inside the Tower
      Artistic crib:  Highly prestigious 50 cm-high statues have been made in the 1950s by one of the most famous Vatican's artisan factories. Free entrance.
    • Casteltodino, Montecastrilli
      Artistic crib:  Artistic crib with hand-painted 50 cm-high statues of Deruta.
      From December 2016 to 6 January 2017
      Time: open all the day
      For information: Casteltodino Pro Loco
    • Quadrelli, Montecastrilli
      Illuminated nativity: It's an inspiring artistic representation of Christ's Nativity, life-size and entirely handmade with iron and light. The night vision is recommended to live fully the light's emotion.
      From 24 December 2016 to 6 January 2017


    Penna in Teverina

    • Piazza S. Valentino (premises adjacent to the Church of S. Maria della Neve)
      Permanent artistic crib: The story of the big crib was born in 1988 when Divo Pettirossi, a cribs' lover, made a crib that became more beautiful and complex over the years, and was later exhibited to the public in the Parish church. The light effects, the movements of several small statues, the effect of fog descending from the river, the inspiring atmosphere created by the background music, make it a really remarkable artwork. The visitor is accompanied in its itinerary by a fantastic soundtrack written specifically by the singer-writer and director Riccardo Cocciante and the voice of Alberto Lori. The crib took part to the 24th International Verona's Crib Festival in 2007.
      Time: Open all over the year from 8.30 am to 1 pm and from 2.30 pm to 10 pm
      For information:

    Christmas markets

    Lugnano in Teverina

    • Christmas in Exhibition

    Other events


    • "Let's lighten Amelia"
      From Piazza XXI Settembre across the town's streets
      11 December from 2 pm
    • Christmas concert
      26 December
    • Christmas in Saint Francis and Saint Valentine's lands: a journey among some of the most beautiful Umbrian villages to discover their beautiful cribs through a travelling circuit. 
      For further information: click here.


    For the complete schedule, click here.

    Editors are exonerated from any responsibility concerning changes occurring at the present program. 

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