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Antoniazzo Romano and Montefalco

Antoniazzo Romano and Montefalco

After the exhibition devoted to the Benozzo Gozzoli's Madonna della Cintola, the St. Francis Museum Complex in Montefalco will pay a tribute to Antoniazzo Romano

Indeed, from 10 December 2016 to 7 May 2017 it will be possible to admire the "Virgin with the Child among the Saints Paul, Benedict, Justine and Peter", kept in the Gallery of St.

Paul Outside the Walls in Rome.

The painting will be exhibited next to another artwork of the same artist, the altar-piece portraying "St. Vincenzo da Saragozza, St. Illuminata, St. Nicola da Tolentino", preserved in the Umbrian town where it landed in the Saint Illuminata's Church in 1491 thanks to the intervention of Friar Anselmo from Montefalco, General of Augustinian Friars.

It's a unique occasion for a real comparison between the two artworks of the Master, by underlining the links between modern inspirations and ancient values, between Roman and Montefalco's traditions.  

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