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Acquasparta and the Roman ruins of Carsulae
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Acquasparta and the Roman ruins of Carsulae

Different in height
350 metres
29,5 km
An easy itinerary for a relaxing day by bike

It’s an easy itinerary winding its way through a gentle and quiet landscape, characterised by gentle undulations but without steep slopes and that perfectly suits the beginner who wants to spend a relaxing day by bike.


Our itinerary starts at the centre of Acquasparta, an ancient city built on the ruins of the Roman settlement of Carsulae, and from here it crosses the undulating and well-cultivated hills extending towards Montecastrilli and Avigliano Umbro.

Start from Viale Roma and go towards Montecastrilli, by crossing a slightly climbing street that in little more than 5 kilometres will lead you to Castel Todino.

Continue on towards Collesecco and then Avigliano Umbro and Dunarobba: this is the most attractive part of the itinerary that follows the hill crest and allows you to admire all the gentle beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Fossil Forest of Dunarobba is located in Dunarobba and it is one of the most important paleontological sites in the world, still including trunks made up of the petrified original wood dating back to three million years ago.

From here turn left in the direction of Avigliano Umbro, where you can enjoy a short break and from Avigliano follow the directions towards Farnetta and Montecastrilli, a village of medieval origin.

At this stage head towards Castel Todino for then following the directions to Acquasparta, where the itinerary ends.